Many of us had always tried to find the reason of our birth. It’s the same reason, why some of us struggle hard to make our own innovations and start-ups. Some goes through troubling times and some day-dreams. Today, I thought of addressing the opportunities of doing something by implementing ideas. It’s a challenge though, but prospect comes to those who identify those challenges and moves forward by addressing them. That’s where we find success and failure. In this world, there are hundreds of new start-ups and budding entrepreneurs and many find numerous hardships when they try to set up their own infrastructure. Some faces innumerous losses resulting in deep mental anxiety. Heroes are those who stand against all these challenges to build an empire of their own. The reason of their elevation is because they believed in something greater than them.  Life is not about me and you; it’s about being part of something greater and by doing higher good by taking responsibility. Success is all about wellness and happiness of others. It’s about providing opportunity to give and receive, about doing something for the welfare of humanity, about connecting with all and it’s about doing ethical business out of it.

In today’s world more and more educated youngsters are looking for employment and there are many who are trying hard to make their own business. They do so by finding the needs of the society and addressing their problems. When several like-minded individuals, who supports your concept and your wish to do greater good joins your dream, you succeed. For anything, to be successful, you need not see the finances which you want to make out of your initiatives, but it’s all about how much you can contribute to this world and that’s when people joins you to make your dream a reality. Generation of revenue automatically follow. These days, frugal innovation has lots to play in making better and affordable technologies for all.

That’s the reason major corporates are trying to do research and development in frugal innovations. Innovations that can change the world for better with cheaper and more developed technologies. Let’s arise and awake to make our world a better place, let’s join the movement of entrepreneurship, let’s support newer affordable innovations, let’s make life easier and let’s encourage start- ups.

Let the spirit of entrepreneurship remains in all and let’s make sustainable investment by our own efforts to make other’s life better and thus contribute towards a more developed world for us as well as for our future generations.

(My Personal View)

Writer: Mainak Majumdar

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