Our modern world is full of technologies, useful gadgets and all these had become part of our daily routine life. Today, we are in a web of connectivity, a world where electrons and protons do compose larger part of our life style and devoid of these tools we find difficult to survive. The flashy digital pictures, the ability to share in an electromagnetic speed reaching thousands; all adds to our scientific progression as we enjoy with awe the science miracles.

Many a times we discuss amongst us these themes and as we converse, we are mesmerized with the modern world and its wonders. Sometimes this heart asks this innovative brain as to how the 17th century and 18 century people use to live without electricity, without internet, without this spider web of connectivity of phone, emails, networking websites and all other facilities. What was the world then and what is the difference with the World of today. Are we much better than the populace who lived then with our increasing technologies thriving daily?

A reply from this soul stated that we have increased our progression in so many aspects of life and at the same time we have lost many wonderful things, which use to bring enormous joy to ones senses. The art of letter-writing, that purchase of a post-card, to write a letter with the fountain pen, still mesmerizes this heart. A father from a distant reads in an inland letter and enjoys every line that his son had written about his life in the Silicon Valley then. The same feeling is equally reciprocated, when I received an emotional letter from my biological parents about their loneliness from home far away in Bengal. These days’ short messaging service and electronic mails have reduced the gaps, but it had failed to gather the emotions attached with the paper envelope.

Life has become so easier, yet so complex that in today’s world there are huge number of health problems, which were not visible then and we now have common words like blood pressure, blood sugar and so many types of problems due to stress and an emerging urge for competition. There are people who get emails every second which increase their stress level and we no longer have the time to stand for a moment and enjoy the forest, that watershed, that beauty of a flower or write a letter to our near and dear ones through post. Greeting cards have also now emerged as an online solution to our lessening time and the feeling of buying a card, writing on the same and devoting some good thoughts are gradually ‘deleted’.

The humans earlier though had their own problems but they were not stressed. On the other side they were more peaceful and had the time to exchange greetings. Life is even wonderful today and one will enjoy more of it, if one moves out of that connectivity to be with one’s family where no phone calls from office, no emails and no short messaging services haunt.

I and my wife still love listening to music, find time to watch theaters and do love to buy greetings cards and post them. We find time to switch off our ‘connectivity’ and listen to old radio stories narrated by orators. These may sound to be old fashioned but my inner heart loves to extract joy from things which are gradually becoming extinct.

The modern world is slowly giving way to old world’s rituals of early rising, performing yoga, limiting to lesser connectivity and giving time to oneself, family and friends. Some does gardening, some does writing, some listens to music and some loves reading. Modern world provides the comfort and the Old world provides food for our soul and a proper balance of both makes one’s life perfect and joyful.

(My Personal Views)


Mainak Majumdar

The write-up is dedicated To my wife Chetana and my cousin brother Arindam for their inspiration always.


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