Parking Gets A Lift’ was a heading from a morning newspaper. This is a technology, which all upper middle class people loves to cherish. Space is very limited. Hence, we are going for things which are more and more smaller in technology. Something, which fits our pocket and in miniature form is always a welcome. The important significance lies in the fact that if it is in a smaller form, it reduces the release of Green House Gases and thus we make a difference in our Climatic System too. Lets now have a look into the newly made Parking Lot; Something, which do not need any human interference. A 5 level underground parking, with a capacity to park over 1500 cars at a time.

Now imagine this technology solutions :- Total Capacity is 1518 cars, Number of cars handled at a time is 21, Area is 10,000 sqm, Number of levels is 5 and the total cost is almost 30 million dollars. Well, imagine the space we save with this technology!Constructive thinking make a better climate.

People can use the space for tree plantation. Hence, a city which has very less greeneries will have a choice to include afforestation initiatives in their Urban Planning Project and thus improve. The next thing, which goes into effect is creating awareness about Green Energy. Well, an energy, which is renewable and can be utilized again and again. Just a simple definition of physics that energy cannot be destroyed or created but transforms form one form to other. Hence, the onus goes to the Research Universities to find out as to how to use light energy to electrical and then to light and back to electrical. Just an example, Most of us must have seen a Solar Lantern. The basic energy is Sun Light. In general, a Solar Lantern can light upto 3 hours for 3W. Well, now imagine this situation, can this 3W light that is emitted can be transformed again back to electrical energy, by some instrument, so that it can be used for some other work. Green Technologies can make wonders. It is clean and doesn’t emit harmful substances.Special awareness is required for the use of Green Technologies. Each one of us has to play a small part.

Its though our joint effort, we can make a difference:

a) Make your mind to grow up in environment of Clean and Green Energy.

b) Report and request your elected Representatives to give more importance in making Green Buildings

c) Change most of your power to Solar, Wind or Geothermal energies.

d) Write and Voice your concerns. Talk to Media about your wish to give importance to Clean Energies.We have to remember just one fact that if we don’t take any interest in ‘Green Technologies’, then others will not follow. Its just when there is a demand; Industries will build it with more interest and thus we move forward with it.

The demand itself will change the marketing policies and hence the word ‘Green’ will be linked to each and every small items, which will later make a more sustainable Climate.This is an opportunity for us to make a difference into the life of our future generations.It is not only uncertainty about the underlying climate science that should be of concern to us. Ultimately we are interested in the impact of climate change on human societies, and this involves knowing not only how the climate may alter but also how changes in the climate regime translate into impacts that matter for humans. How do climate changes translate into changes in agricultural production, into changes in the ranges of disease vectors, into changes in patterns of tourist travel, even into feelings of well-being directly associated with the state of the climate? So the main concern here about the outcome of a process is of two stages:Change in the climate regime:Translation of Climate Change into changes in things that matter directly to us. Even if we knew exactly what the climate would be in 2050, we still would face major economic uncertainties because we currently do not know how altered climate states map into human welfare. Right now, we are prognosticating the dangers, but its not late, when it will be a reality.In assessing the economics of climate change there are therefore at least two sources of uncertainty; what the climate will be, and what any given changed climate will mean in economic terms.

In fact there is a third stage, uncertainty about the policies that we will choose as humans to control emissions over the coming decades.Responding to Climate Change:A good sustainable policy is a very good answer to Climate Change. A good Environment means a better climate and in turns a sustainable world. Sustainable development means that the needs of the present generations should be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is stated in many reports that adaptability is one of the best known options to such situations. Well, its a good option, but then its losing attitude to an incident.The best way towards having a sustainable climate is reducing the gap between humans and its surroundings. It requires collaboration of natural and social scientists, planners and managers and the local people. It should be an interdisciplinary programme of research and training which emphasizes an ecological approach to the study of interrelationship between humans and their environment. The general objective of the programme is to develop the basis within the natural and social sciences for the rational use and conservation of the resources of the biosphere and for the improvement of global relationships between human and their environment to predict the consequences of todays actions on tomorrows World and thereby to increase humans ability to manage efficiently the natural resources of the biosphere and make a Sustainable Climate.Another important factor for climate change is to do research on various issues. For example: Biologists at the University of Vermont’s Proctor Maple Research Center will do some leaf peeping of their own to find out; studying how temperature affects the development of autumn colors and whether the warming climate could mute them, prolong the foliage viewing season or delay it. Using a three-year, $45,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant, they’re planning to measure the color pigments in leaves exposed to varying temperatures in hopes of finding a pattern.

NASA carried out a study on the burning of fossil fuels — notably coal, oil, and gas — which has accounted for about 80 percent of the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide since the pre-industrial era. Now, NASA researchers have identified feasible emission scenarios that could keep carbon dioxide below levels that some scientists have called dangerous for climate. The research, published Aug. 5 in the American Geophysical Union’s Global Biogeochemical Cycles, shows that the rise in carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels can be kept below harmful levels as long as emissions from coal are phased out globally within the next few decades.So, what would Climate Change mean for the business community?Global warming will change the economic climate. For example, global warming changes rainfall patterns, which will impact agricultural practices and production.To mitigate global warming will call for nontraditional energy sources. Coastal states dependent on agriculture or traditional energy production for their economic base have vested economic interest in the mitigation of global warming and in solutions to energy needs that move beyond traditional fossil fuel sources because of their link to climate change. Realizing that rising sea levels would have a profound impact on local coastlines, many States are taking GHG reduction plan to mitigate global warming, based primarily on voluntary covenants from businesses, schools, churches, and the states largest utility company.National Climate Service:Each Country may have a national climate service — an interagency charged with understanding climate dynamics, forecasts and impacts; with tie up with Research Universities. This can help to get new ideas and diversify our efforts towards a better Climate. Unlike the National Weather Service, which forecasts weather up to a week in advance and sometimes two weeks in advance, a national climate service ideally would help with forecasts of climate fluctuations that might be expected anywhere from three months to a year.

Forecasts from a national climate service could give months of advance warnings to water and power managers, private industries and those charged with human safety when the probabilities for such things as flooding and drought appear to be changing from what is typical. In addition, scenarios of climate change could be projected for specific regions up to one hundred years out. Such a service would be concerned both with "climate variability," the natural seasonal to decades-long variations in climate, and the effects of climate change, the changes brought about by increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, largely because of human activities.

So, for a better climate and a Safer World, these projects can be taken up:

a) Giving importance and funding for renewable sources of energy like wind, water, geothermal and bio-energy for meeting the daily usage.

b) Funding research for

I) More Fuel efficient vehicles;

ii) Bio-fuels

iii)Higher efficiency aircrafts

iv) Other good transport planning and policies

c) Spreading awareness and stressing on:

I) Efficient use of lighting

ii) More efficient electrical appliances and heating and cooling

iii) Use of solar energy to meet the demand

iv) Proper use of electricity and as the saying goes;energy should not be wasted.

The most important thing that could be done is creation of intelligent meters that will provide feedback and control

d) Industries:

I) Industry employees should be trained towards usage of cleaner technology

ii)Recycling of the harmful wastes

iii) Saving of power

iv) Control of carbon-dioxide gas emissions

v) Usage of more power efficient machines

vi) Creating a green belt around the industry and its proper maintenance.

e) Agriculture:

I) Transfer of good equipments for the farmers in the poorest and the poorest areas for effective land management. Also methods to give good yields.

ii) Techniques and equipments so that Methane emission can be lessened (This can be done by increasing the financial incentives and regulations for improved land management, maintaining soil carbon content, efficient use of fertilizers and irrigation.)

f) Forestry:

I) Initiatives for proper and good forest management. Reduced deforestation. Making mandatory the slogan. “A HUMAN, A TREE”, so that all humans can involve themselves. Project to initiate on the fact that one human in the World should plant one tree/plant.

ii) Research into increasing the biodiversity. Efforts should be made for funds transfer towards projects like this.

iii) Improved Remote Sensing Technologies along with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for analysis of vegetation/soil carbon sequestration potential and mapping land use change.

iv) Planting Mangroves in coastal areas towards Natural Disaster Management

g) Waste:

I) Recycling of the waste products and also organic composting. This will help to create manure from the wastes.

ii) Research on waste incineration

h) Disaster Risk Reduction:

I) Creating policies and planning for DRR activities towards mitigation strategies for disaster prone areas.

ii) Usage of improved technologies for vulnerability and hazard mapping.

iii) Improved Environmental Planning towards good mitigation strategies.

Also, if the members of the public are given CARBON Credit Cards stating how much Green House Gas they are saving and some benefits to those who saves most will produce new enthusiasm amongst the members of the public and also would spread awareness.


Mr. Mainak Majumdar

Disaster Management Specialist and Consultant


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